About us

St Mary’s Hornsey Rise is a lively, multi-cultural and community-based church. Our guiding motto is ‘Come as you are, do what you can’. We seek to worship the trinitarian God and serve those we live amongst. As a worship community, we hold to the following values:

Confident in speaking and living of the love of Christ Jesus.

Compassionate in serving our community and places of work with the love of God the Father.

Creative in reaching new people and places with the Good News in the power of the Spirit.

We are open every weekday, 10am-3pm. Do pop in for a prayer, cup of tea or to say hi. Our worship service is at 10:15am every Sunday, in the building and online. If you are interested in a wedding funeral or baptism email Rev Tamsin on vicar@smhr.org.uk.

Meet the team


A Welcome from St Mary